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Printer Port Setup

Printer port setup for use with Med2000 and PC2000/e systems

Scope - This document covers printer port setup for Med2000 and PC2000/e systems.

Intended Audience – Persons who meet all of the following criteria:

  • You are using a PC2000/e or Med2000 which is connected to the printer port of a computer running WinTES software.
  • You have exhausted all recommendations given by WinTESCheck (the diagnostics software launched by WinTES) and still are unable to capture images.

Details - The camera-to-computer interface of the Med2000 and PC2000/e requires nothing special and generally the most primitive printer port configuration available on your computer will function best. Printer port problems often arise from other devices such as printers, FAXes, scanners or combination devices that periodically check the printer port even when they are not explicitly in use. Changing the port configuration may cause new drivers to be loaded when the computer is restarted. In some cases changing the printer port configuration may adversely affect the operation of other devices.

Although printer port configuration options (typically 3 or 4 options) vary widely, the following list has some common options, listed in order from most primitive to least primitive.

  1. Output only
  2. Standard
  3. SPP
  4. Bi-directional
  5. EPP
  6. ECP

WinTESCheck associates PRN1 with I/O address 378 hexadecimal, PRN2 with 278 hex, and PRN3 with 3BC hex. Check the printer port settings displayed in the ‘Device Manager’ of Microsoft Windows to determine which one of PRN1, PRN2, or PRN3 to select when running WinTESCheck. To access these settings, right mouse button click on ‘My Computer’, select ‘Properties’, ‘Device Manager’ tab, ‘Ports (Com & LPT), Printer port, and Resources tab. The number next to ‘Input/Output Range’ is the address associated with that printer port.

To alter the printer port setup:

  1. Enter the BIOS / setup. Check your manual, or ‘BIOS key combinations’ list below for instructions on entering BIOS / setup.

    Printer port settings can be adjusted on most computers through the BIOS (sometimes referred to as ‘setup’). The following list shows key combinations for accessing some computer BIOS setup programs.

    BIOS key combinations
    Here is listing of some of the key combinations used to enter the BIOS setup on startup. You must do this during the first few seconds after you turn on power. If you see the Windows startup, it's too late.

    AMI Bios and Award Bios and others = Del (most common)
    Award Bios = Ctrl-Alt-Esc
    Compaq = F10
    Dell = Ctrl-Alt-Enter
    Dell = Reset (Twice)
    Gateway laptop = F2
    IBM Thinkpad = F1
    NEC = F2
    Phoenix Bios = Ctrl-Alt-S
    Phoenix Bios = Ctrl-Alt-Ins
    PS/2 = Ctrl-Alt-?
    PS/2 = Ins
    Toshiba = Esc
    Toshiba = F1

  2. Navigate to the printer port setting. Usually under ‘peripherals’.
  3. Select a printer port setting that has not been tested using WinTESCheck.
  4. Save and exit the BIOS.
  5. Run WinTESCheck and select the appropriate PRN (1,2,3) as determined by viewing the Device Manager as explained above.

Repeat steps 1 through 5 above until a compatible printer port setting is found. If all tests of WinTESCheck can not be passed using at least one of the printer port settings, call technical support at 503-639-8496 and mention that you have followed these instructions.

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