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PC2000 & PC2100
Ordering Information

Product ordering information:

The PC2000 and PC2100 are no longer available for purchase.  They have been replaced by the model 222.  Some PC2000/PC2100 accessories are still available for purchase as listed below, and repair and calibration services are still available as described on our support page.

Accessory ordering information:

Part #
10-0003-1 Folding Tripod Camera Stand. $295
10-0005-2 Desktop Camera Stand. $345
10-0007-1 PC2100 Camera Stand with Z-axis focusing. (One included at no charge with PC2100). $675
10-0009-0 X-Y positioning stage. Used in conjunction with 10-71 allows for precise X-Y positioning. $850
HT-1 High temperature modification: Calibrates instrument to extend range from 0 to 240 degrees C. Contact factory for specific ranges. $600
WinQTES Automatic Test Software for PC2000. Provides for automating thermal tests and measurements as well controlling processes. $595

Product rental information:

View our rental page for current pricing on camera rentals.

For orders please contact us.

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