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Model 320
Ordering Information

Product ordering information:

All versions of the 320 require a Personal Computer with a USB port for operation.

Select the desired configuration from the tables, below. Click here to compare the different fields of view. 

Part # Description Price(USD)
17-0320-6 Compix 320 Radiometric Camera with 6º x 4.5º field of view. $22,250
17-0320-12 Compix 320 Radiometric Camera with 12º x 9º field of view. $17,450
17-0320-25 Compix 320 Radiometric Camera with 25º x 19º field of view. $16,850
17-0320-50 Compix 320 Radiometric Camera with 50º x 37.5º field of view. $15,750

Accessory ordering information:

Part #
10-0003-1 Tripod stand image (106 KB) Folding Tripod Camera Stand. $295
10-0005-3 Desktop camera stand image (124 KB) Desktop Camera Stand, 18"x18"x36" (LxWxH).


10-0039-0 MP100 battery pack  image (11 KB) Battery pack - Operates 320 camera for 10 hours. $225
T-0 none Temperature Range to 150º C N/C
HT-1 none Temperature Range to 250º C $450
HT-2 none Temperature Range to 550º C $900
T-X none Custom Temperature Range TBD
320weather none Weatherproof option. This includes all seals and connector(s) necessary for outdoor operation. $500

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