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Installing USB
Hardware Drivers

The 2000 Thermal Imaging Camera must be installed once on each available USB port. If you are adding a USB hub, it will need to be installed once on each port out of the hub. If the hub is connected to a different USB port on the computer, it will again need to be installed on each output port of the hub. When the camera is plugged into a USB port on which it has been previously installed, the computer will make a chime-like sound if the sound volume is not muted and turned up enough to be audible. If it has not been installed, the "New hardware" message will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen on Windows XP systems.

Figure 1

Shortly after this message appears, the "New Hardware" window will open:

Figure 2

If you have the distribution CD or diskette, insert it at this time. If you do not have the distribution disk, follow the "Alternate Location" instructions below. Click "Next" and the "Found New Hardware Wizard" window will appear:

Figure 3

After a few seconds, the window shown below will appear.

Figure 4

Click "Continue Anyway" The "Found New Hardware Wizard" window will be visible again briefly:

Figure 5

After a few more seconds, "Files Needed" window appears.

Figure 6

Click the "Browse…" button. In the "Locate File" window, click the drop down arrow at the right of the "Look in:" rectangle. Find the drive which has the Installation disk. The example below show it as being your CD drive.


Click the drive and the "Locate File" window will now show a list of the files at the root level of that drive. Find "compix.sys" and click it to highlight it, and then click "Open."ALTERNATE LOCATION: If the WinTES software has been previously installed on any USB port, you will also be able to find "compix.sys" in the c:\Windows\system32\drivers\ folder. Browse to that folder, highlight "compix.sys" and click "Open"

Figure 8

The "Files Needed" window will again be visible. Click "OK".The "Found New Hardware Wizard" window will be visible and the "Finish" button will be available.

Figure 9

Click the "Finish" button. The wizard will close and the message shown below will appear in the lower right corner of the display for a few seconds.

Figure 10

You may begin using the camera on this USB port, or you may disconnect the USB cable and connect it to the next port on which you wish to install the 2000 Thermal Imaging Camera.

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