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About Us

Company History:

1980 - Company Incorporated in Portland, OR as Thermometrics (later changed to Compix Incorporated)
1984 - Research contract awarded to develop camera system for monitoring gas insulated substations
1987 - Model 6000 desktop thermal imaging system introduced
1989 - Patent for slow-scan IR system granted; major funding injected with sale of stock
1990 - PC2100 System for semiconductor analysis introduced
1993 - Pioneering PC2000 PC-based thermal imaging system introduced
2001 - PC2000/USB introduced
2003 - Compix Focal Plane Array Cameras, the 220 and 240, introduced
2005 - Introduction of second-generation Focal Plane Array cameras, the 221 and 222
2008 - Model 320 introduced

About the Company:

Compix Incorporated has been in the business of developing and selling Infrared thermal imaging measurement products since 1981. Over the years we have earned a reputation as a leader in providing accurate, reliable and cost effective thermal measurement solutions to our customers. Compix is committed to continuing to provide our customers with the highest value products and best pre- and post-sale support in the industry. We look forward to discussing your thermal measurements and thermal viewing requirements. Please contact us to see how we can help you.

Products and Services:

Products include realtime radiometric IR cameras; slow scan, cost effective imagers, thermal viewers, as well as software for control and manipulation of cameras and image files. Our cameras have been designed to work with IBM compatible PCs. The computer provides display, analysis and storage of thermal data. Using the PC in this way allows us to keep the camera cost low. Systems have been designed with a high degree of flexibility allowing for the customization of cameras to meet different and changing requirements of our customers.

Compix has many years of experience in applying thermal imaging to the measurement of temperature and study of heat flow. We encourage prospective customers to discuss their specific problems or applications with our technical staff. Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

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