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Thermal Image

Increased performance and complexity in today's products can lead to reliability robbing heat build-up. When not properly managed, higher heat densities can lead to higher operating temperatures that can lead to higher field failure rates. In the past, customers tolerated failures. No  longer. Today, reliability expectations are high and competition is fierce. Now when customers get "burned" by poor quality they simply change vendors.  Products are expected to work "out of the box". Companies that don't deliver reliable products lose  their customers.

Not only do unreliable products result in lost customers, they negatively impact profitability. Fixing products in production is costly enough, but field repairs are many times more costly.

The solution? Thermal analysis using IR thermal imaging; instruments which create pictures or "maps" of heat rather than light. This technology allows you to quickly and comprehensively measure and map heat flow and components temperature of assemblies at the prototype stage not in the field. They do this by measuring the Infrared (IR) energy radiated by an object and displaying it as a thermal picture. Problems can be identified before new designs enter production; before the products can be shipped to customers and fail.

Eliminating thermal problems gives you and your customers the highest product reliability possible. In an industry where poor quality can make or break your business, you simply can't afford not to investigate Compix thermal imaging systems.

Compix Thermal Imaging systems are economical, easy-to-use tools for analyzing thermal characteristics of components, assemblies, and materials.

Determining the effectiveness of cooling techniques becomes a simple matter. Reliability testing can be accomplished in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of using only thermocouples. Even when thermocouples are required, thermal imaging can quickly determine their proper placement.

New Technology Passes along Savings

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest value in thermal imaging. So our philosophy is that we won't burden you with the cost for performance and features you don't need. Compix imagers offer accurate measurements excellent reliability and software is standard with every system. Best of all though, they are simple to set up and operate.

Compix thermal analyzers are ideal for thermal evaluation of printed circuit boards, disk drives, power supplies as well as components. The systems can also be used in NDT applications, predictive maintenance (PM) and medical diagnosis.

PC2000USB / 220

Convert your PC to a thermal imaging system. With its USB interface the PC2000 and 22X family of thermal imagers is ready to go where you need it. The user interface is easy to understand and the learning time very short.

In less than a half hour you can have the system in operation, gathering useful thermal data. In both configurations the computer provides the control and storage for scanning and saving images.


WinTES or WinTES2 software are included with the system and provide the tools needed to operate the system as well as manipulate and store the images. With Windows "cut and paste" images can be annotated and printed on a wide variety of color printers.

WinTES Screen

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  • Medical
  • Process Control
  • Non destructive testing
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