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Thermal Evaluation Software for 2000 Series Cameras

WinTES screen shot


WinTES provides hardware control and data analysis for the Compix PC2000 product line. WinTES can be used to capture images, save images, add images to reports, print images, perform statistical analysis of images, etc.  The demonstration version of WinTES is identical to the latest version.  Please select appropriate version in the 'Download' section below.


Operating system
WinTES Version
64 or 32-bit Windows XP, VISTA and Windows-7
and then

These updated drivers may be used on all Windows XP, Vista and Windows-7 systems. They must be used for 64-bit computers. Download and install WinTES following the same instructions as for 32-bit XP below. Then, download and extract the files from the "64-bit" supplement package. Follow the instructions in that package contained in "64bitWinTES-Installation-Instructions.txt" .
32 - bit Windows 98/2000/XP VISTA/ -7
This is the latest version of WinTES. If you are using a camera that interfaces to your computer through a printer port, you may want to install version Version does not support USB interfaces, but may provide a screen update rate advantage over the latest version.  This is a self-extracting zip file that will extract to C:\CompixSoftware\WinTES\Installations\Ver1.5.21\ by default.  The extracted file "readme.1st.txt" contains installation instructions.
Windows NT
and then
NT Drivers

CAUTION: The latest version of WinTES renders NT unbootable. NT users must use WinTES Version together with the NT Drivers package. See the readme.txt in the NT Drivers download package for installation instructions. USB interfaces are unsupported in this version.  This is a self-extracting zip file that will extract to C:\Documents and Settings\"current user"\Local Settings\Temp by default.  The extracted file "readme.1st.txt" contains installation instructions.

WinTES Manual is also available for downloading.

WinTES Troubleshooting contains troubleshooting help.

.TIF file format -- Description of Compix private tags.

.CPX file format -- Description of Compix image file format.

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